Denise Browne

Denise Browne

Standards Architect

Having worked in Standards’ activities for almost 20 years, one of the achievements that Denise is most proud of is the development of Standard assertions and transformations, which are particularly relevant for asset valuation and account opening.

Assertions allow automatic checking of complicated business rules that cannot be tested simply; the reason why they are important is because they allow trading partners to interpret the business rules in a consistent, unambiguous way, thus reducing development time and costs.

Standards evolve over time, so not every organisation that has implemented a Standard will have implemented, for example, the latest version of that Standard.  Transformations are used to translate between different versions of the same Standard, thus allowing organisations to considerably extend the number of potential trading partners they can exchange information with, leading to process improvements for all those involved.

As well as writing assertions and transformations, Denise very much enjoyed working with colleagues to create a development environment that made the creation, testing, and quality assurance of these artefacts simpler.