George Cowe

George Cowe

Standards Architect

George was pleased to have worked on the Pensions Dashboard Data Standards producing the messaging structures required for the Pensions Dashboard prototype application. This was an interesting project, particularly the design of the technical message control information needed to meet the business requirements.

The Pensions Dashboard Data Standards provide detailed information relating to the business content payload of XML messages to be exchanged between the parties involved. However, in addition to the business content, there was also a requirement for technical message control information to allow messaging frameworks to operate independently from the business payload, track who sent each message, know where response messages are to be sent, uniquely identify each message and track the relationship between messages.

This information can then be used to provide management information on the service as well as auditing and logging of messages being exchanged.

The technical message control information appears in all messages in a consistent format and supplies useful information above and beyond the scope of the business process being dealt with - in this case, pensions valuations.