6th April 2018

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Comment on the report from the Work and Pensions Committee into the pension freedom and choice reforms. Re: Pensions Dashboards.

Caroline Mansley, Managing Director of Criterion, commenting said: “We viewed this report with interest and in particular the points around single or multiple dashboards. We agree that any solution must deliver simple, impartial and trustworthy information to the consumer. A publiclyhosted service may be a pragmatic first step, with subsequent roll-out providing for service innovation around a robust, common core. Criterion is well-positioned to continue driving forward on the fundamental standards and governance work required to ensure data movement and the automation of processes develop at sufficient pace - meeting the evolving needs of the pension saver in a safe and secure manner. We are sure that the industry will all pull together in striving to meet the Committee’s ambitious target of April 2019.”

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About Criterion
Criterion was formed for the industry in July 2017, as an independent, not-for-profit industry body for Standards and Governance. It was originally part of Origo Services Ltd and has been publishing standards for almost 25 years. 2018 will see Criterion continue to drive collaboration across the industry with the energies and focus prioritised across a number of industry-wide activities, including pensions dashboard, distributed ledger technologies and improved pensions transfer and re-registrations.