Criterion’s role supporting companies using the Retirement Health Form


Criterion harnesses their independent capability, to help support customers to manage the collection of insight for their Retirement Health Form (RHF). The RHF allows companies to collect comprehensive information about their customers health once, so that they can make informed decisions about enhanced annuity product applications.

The companies asked Criterion to provide governance services, due to the ability to remain independent; to be able to handle the scale of the task; and having suitable contractual experience.

Companies supported

  1. Aviva
  2. Canada Life
  3. Just
  4. Legal & General

The customers use the form to capture medical information to create quotes which can then be compared on a like for like basis. Without the effective independent management of the form, the providers would need to capture health related information using an alternative approach. This could impact the ability to complete this information once, or for it to be used easily and consistently, by multiple Providers. It also improves the customer journey by minimising effort in submitting medical information.

Criterion provides

  1. Trusted independent management consultancy, enabling competing organisation to effectively manage the form and the process
  2. Professional management and governance, including regular and ongoing updates
  3. Website management services
  4. Distribution of monthly MI

For more information on the RHF, please contact Quillan Mackay on 0131 357 0109