Wet Signature Alternatives Research Group (WSARG)

The Criterion team looked at e-Signatures and Non-Wet Signature processes in 2008 and in 2015.

Operational pressures arising from measures to manage the spread of Coronavirus has led to both Providers and Advisers seeing benefit in reviewing more recent developments, as removing Wet Signatures will help in the e-enablement of processes that currently require human intervention.

However, any such change will still need to avoid increasing risk for any party involved, and work comfortably alongside other operational processes.

This research will:

  • focus on developments since 2015 in technology, law and regulation, and wider acceptance of Non-Wet Signatures;
  • focus on retirement, long-term savings and protection sectors;
  • draw on experience from adjacent Industry sectors such as banking and consumer credit;
  • include both potential deployment of technology solutions, and approaches that re-engineer processes so that Wet Signatures are either not needed, or can be captured in more convenient ways.
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