Criterion is delighted to finalise the Bulk Valuations Standard Version 1.1 that was published in November 2021 with a Provisional status. Bulk Valuations Version 1.1 Final is now available in the Standards Library and contains all known enhancements requested by industry adopters. Supporting sample messages will follow in due course. Finalising the Standard provides a stable foundation for organisations to exchange data that helps advisers provide an up-to-date view of their clients’ value and investment positions.

The updated Criterion Bulk Valuations Standard gives us a way to create and update valuations for thousands of clients overnight across the moneyinfo service that is much more efficient and scalable than integrations designed for single contract use. The Standard allows us to build up histories of valuations over time, which are visible to the client and adviser through the portal. It removes the need for keying of data and saves advice firms significant time and money.

Tessa Lee, moneyinfo