Working Groups

Collaboration is at the heart of what we do. Our Working Groups consist of representative members of the industry, concentrating on a stream of work relating to the development, implementation or maintenance of Standards.

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Working Groups

Standards and Governance Executive (SaGE)

SaGE is the Governance body that advises on the Programme that delivers Criterion’s Business Plan.

Process and Standards Group (PSG)

Providing detailed Governance of the evolution of Criterion Standards.

Standards Technical Architecture Group (STAG)

The STAG will work within the business scope of the PSG and will complement the PSG by providing the technical strategy for business projects.

Common Declarations Working Group (CCDWG)

Management of the evolution of the Criterion Common Declarations for the benefit of the industry.

DFM Model Portfolio Management Working Group (DFMMPMWG)

This project will develop and deliver data integration (API) Standards for processes relating to the management of model portfolios made available on Investment Platforms by Discretionary Fund Managers (DFMs).

Equity Release API Standards Governance Group (ERASGG)

The purpose of the ERASGG is to manage the evolution of Criterion’s API Standards in the Equity Release market for the benefit of all participants. Membership of the Group is open to all Licence Holders.

Retirement Health Form (RHF)

The group manages the development of the Retirement Health Form.

Letter of Authority Standards Development Working Group (LOASDWG)

Development Project to develop Standards to support the Letter of Authority fulfilment process.

Group Risk Quotes Working Group (GRQWG)

The Process & Standards Group approved the development of Standards to support the Mid Term Changes process; these were delivered at Draft Final in January 2020, following which market stakeholders confirmed an appetite to develop Standards for Quotations and associated processes, including rate review.

Occupation Codes List Implementation Group (OCLIG)

This Group will allow the sharing of best practice on Occupation Codes List implementation with all interested parties and provide a forum for open and appropriate communications for organisations implementing v3.0.

Protection Policy Retention Working Group (PPRWG)

This Group will collaborate to agree a standard mechanism for providers to inform advisers of policy and possibly client-related events, in time for mitigating action to be taken.

Account Opening Standard Development Working Group (AOWG)

This group will collaborate to determine the preferred approach for delivery of Standards - aligned with adviser journeys and useability requirements - to support account opening on platforms.

Underwritten Protection Quotes (UPQWG)

This group will work to deliver a standardised set of medical underwriting responses that support underwriting at an early (quotation) stage in the sales process.

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