The Criterion team is once again gearing up for a sponsored challenge to support Waverley Care, our corporate charity partner. Criterion has raised £30K for Waverley Care during their partnership. This time, the challenge involves completing the length of Hadrian's Wall over a three-day cycling and walking expedition. The goal is to raise both awareness and funds for Waverley Care's crucial work in combating HIV and its associated challenges.

Waverley Care is a leading HIV charity based in Edinburgh,  dedicated to raising awareness, increasing testing, and combating the stigma surrounding HIV. They offer a comprehensive range of services, including support groups, counselling, and testing, for individuals living with or affected by HIV. As the Scottish government aims to eradicate HIV from the country by 2030, Waverley Care is playing a vital role in achieving this ambitious target.

The Hadrian's Wall challenge presents a formidable physical feat that will push the Criterion team's endurance to the limits. Over the course of three days, team members will cycle and walk 95 miles alongside the iconic Hadrian's Wall, a historic landmark traversing the northern expanse of England. The team's unwavering commitment lies in completing this tough challenge and raising funds in support of Waverley Care.

This challenge serves as an opportunity to raise awareness about Waverley Care's vital work and emphasise the importance of tackling HIV-related issues. Beyond the fundraising aspect, the team hopes to inspire individuals to get tested, learn about PrEP, and challenge the persistent stigma surrounding HIV.

Billy Burnside, Managing Director, commenting said,

The Criterion team is thrilled to embark on this challenge in support of Waverley Care's important mission. Conquering Hadrian's Wall will not only test our physical and mental endurance but will also symbolise the resilience and determination needed to combat HIV. By pushing our limits and raising funds along the way, we aim to inspire others to join the cause.

If you would like to donate, please visit our JustGiving page.