The Criterion team are gearing up for another sponsored challenge to support Waverley Care, our corporate charity partner. The challenge involves cycling and walking the length of Hadrian's Wall over three days, to raise awareness and funds for Waverley Care's important work in combating HIV.

Waverley Care is a leading HIV charity based in Edinburgh dedicated to raising awareness, increasing testing, and tackling the stigma surrounding HIV. The charity provides a range of services to people living with or affected by HIV, including support groups, counselling, and testing. They also work to promote awareness and understanding of HIV and to combat discrimination and prejudice. The Scottish government has set a bold target of eradicating HIV in the country by 2030, and Waverley Care is playing a vital role in achieving this goal.

The Hadrian's Wall challenge is a physical feat that will test the team's endurance and determination. The team will cycle and walk 95 miles along Hadrian's Wall, an iconic landmark stretching across the north of England. The team is committed to completing the challenge and raising as much money as possible for Waverley Care.

The challenge is an important opportunity to raise awareness of the vital work carried out by Waverley Care and the importance of tackling HIV. In addition to raising funds for charity, the team hopes to encourage people to get tested and to challenge the stigma surrounding HIV.

We are grateful for any support received and to those generously donating to the cause. The funds raised will support Waverley Care's important work and help to achieve the Scottish government's ambitious target of eradicating HIV in the country by 2030. If you would like to donate, then please visit our JustGiving page.

The Criterion team are excited about the challenge, which begins on 25 July 2023. They're ready to tackle Hadrian's Wall and all the physical and emotional obstacles that will come with it.