We had the privilege of attending and sponsoring Home Game 3, hosted by consultancy company, the lang cat. This event celebrated the spirit of innovation and delved into the intricacies of advisers’ tech stack, offering invaluable insights from experienced panellists and guest speakers. 

The lang cat has been a cornerstone in providing vital information to service providers, platforms, wealth managers, asset managers, and advisory firms. It has consistently demonstrated its dedication to gathering an extensive amount of data and insight, resulting in a deeper understanding of the financial landscape, and helping organisations adapt to the ever-changing environment. 

Home Game 3 took place at the National Museum of Scotland and was themed around the iconic arcade game, Space Invaders, adding a touch of nostalgia to an event focused on the future. The gaming analogy ran throughout the day, completing levels, skilling up and advancing, defeating the hordes and the ultimate boss level. It was a fantastic experience to see so many industry professionals come together to explore the exciting possibilities and challenges in the financial industry.

A standout moment during the event was the discussion on change and innovation in the industry. The conversation highlighted the plethora of tech solutions available, which, while offering opportunities, also presented a challenge in itself – the paralysis of too many choices. The allure of the latest and shiniest innovations was a common pitfall, with panellists emphasising the importance of staying focused on the ultimate goal of ensuring a seamless client-facing experience. The panellists stressed that data quality and integration should never be underestimated, as inadequate data can thwart the entire tech-driven transformation.

Notably, our Standards were mentioned during this discussion, as a key solution for standardising the integration of data between platforms and back office systems used by financial advisers. Billy Burnside, Managing Director of Criterion, emphasised that standardising data integration is a more efficient and cost-effective approach than attempting to standardise the data that is held within multiple provider organisations on multiple, different, administration systems. This discussion highlighted the vital role our Standards play in driving industry-wide efficiency and consistency.

Thank you to the lang cat for orchestrating this excellent event, and to all the participants for their valuable insight and contributions.