As the world faces the impacts of climate change, organisations have a responsibility to act and reduce their carbon footprint.

In December 2022, Criterion moved premises from Edinburgh Park to a Regus office space at 9-10 St. Andrew Square. Located in the heart of Edinburgh city centre, our new shared office is not only a collaborative environment, but it has also significantly reduced our team's carbon footprint and allowed us to become more energy efficient. This is due to all of the team using public transport when travelling to the office.

We are pleased to announce that Regus has taken significant steps towards becoming an environmentally responsible and sustainable workplace. As part of its commitment to reducing its carbon footprint, it has set an ambitious target of achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2040. In addition to its long-term goal, our office space has reached an important milestone by becoming carbon neutral. This means that the net release of emissions into the atmosphere is balanced by an equivalent amount of carbon dioxide removed or reduced

As an organisation committed to sustainability, we are proud to have selected an office space that shares our values and goals, and we look forward to working together to achieve net zero.