Standards Governance

Process and Standards Group (PSG)

Providing detailed Governance of the evolution of Criterion Standards.

Progress this Month:

The PSG last met on 12 May, where key topics included the Annual Project Prioritisation Exercise for 2021, updates in train to Criterion’s bulk data Standards, and outcomes from recently-completed research into the Annuity application process. The PSG also held a Focus session on 11 May, looking at how evolving gender identity may drive change in Criterion’s Standards.

Full Minutes from both sessions are available from the PSG section of the Criterion website.

Future Milestones:

Meetings for 2021:

Wednesday, 18 August 2021 (Prioritisation Exercise)

Tuesday, 2 November 2021 (Focus Session)

Wednesday, 3 November 2021 (Plenary Meeting)

Standards Technical Architecture Group (STAG)

Providing technical Governance to Criterion Standards.

Progress this Month:

Further development of Criterion’s approach to extending technology support for Standards into JSON and OpenAPI.

Future Milestones:

Continued involvement in JSON & OpenAPI activities.

Standards Activities

Letter of Authority Standards Development

Development Project to develop Standard to support the Letter of Authority fulfilment process for DB, DC Pensions, Annuities, Protection and Investment Products.

Progress this Month:

Phase 3 – Protection

Analysis and Data Requirements continuing and BRD being written up for publication to Working Group for review.

Change Management

Two Change Requests raised by LV on v1.0 Draft Final of DC Pensions Fulfilment Standards. Solutions published to Origo to allow progress with ULOA service.

Future Milestones:

July: Deliver Standards as v1.1 Provisional 1 to incorporate Change Requests raised on LoA DC Pensions for LTA % and Tiered Charges raised by LV.

July: BRD feedback from Working Group to be forwarded and a series of 1 to 1 calls being arranged with select organisations to encourage feedback.

August: Still awaiting some Working Group members to advise their view of priorities for future LoA phases. Protection is the main priority at the moment and this will be followed by emphasis on implementation of LoA Standards produced and published to date.

Occupation Codes List 2020 Update Implementation Group

Supporting Industry adoption of the revised Occupation Codes List Standard used in quotations and new business processes.

Progress this Month:

Implementation Group kick-off meeting held on 8 June with discussions ongoing.

Future Milestones:

July: Further meeting to be held on 14 July to continue discussions on the implementation of the v3.0 Occupation Codes List and monitor progress.

FCA Reference Number Change Requests

Amend existing Standards to support the 3 FCA Reference Number related requirements via BAU Change Request process.

Progress this Month:

Provisional version of remaining QNB Standards and FIT data pattern published. Agreed next batch of Standards to be changed.

Future Milestones:

July:  Continue with CE Standards which are next on the priority order list.

Group Risk Quotes

Standards Development project to develop Standards for Group Risk Quotes and Rate Review or Re-Pricing.

Progress this Month:

Meeting held with Working Group to discuss Process Diagrams. Process Diagrams were updated and republished to Working Group and meeting arranged for 8th July. Data Analysis commenced.

Future Milestones:

July: Meeting arranged with Working Group on 8 July for final walk through Process Diagrams  and to carry out a deep dive on what constitutes “Non-Member Data” and to continue data analysis.

COVID-19 Update

The Criterion team continues to work from home successfully in response to the current COVID-19 situation.

We are well placed to continue with our Standards commitments whilst recognising that operational constraints may make it harder for Working Group Members and other interested parties to engage with us fully.  We will continue with our deliveries and keep the PSG and other interested parties updated regarding any unavoidable impact.

Deliverables/Documentation Published in June 2021

General Documentation

OCL_Implementation_Approach_190121 – Published on 4 June 2021

GRQ_Process_Diagram_New_Business   - Published on 8 June 2021

GRQ_Process_Diagram_Rate_Review – Published on 8 June 2021

GRQ_Process_Diagram_Re-Pricing – Published on 8 June 2021 – Published on 18 June 2021

Prioritisation_Exercise_2021 – Published on 18 June 2021

PSG_Prioritisation_2021 – Published on 18 June 2021

GRQ_Process_Diagram_New_Business (updated) – Published on 29 June 2021

GRQ_Process_Diagram_Rate_Review (updated) – Published on 29 June 2021

GRQ_Process_Diagram_Re-Pricing (updated) – Published on 29 June 2021

BRD_LoA_Fulfilment_Protection – Published on 30 June 2021


FIT_v3.3 Provisional – Published on 1 June 2021

PrISRN_v1.1 Final – Published on 10 June 2021

RcvExAlert_v1.4 Final – Published on 10 June 2021

ReceiveRemunerationStatement_v1.1 Final – Published on 10 June 2021

RetrieveDocumentation_v1.1 Final – Published on 10 June 2021

CETxnHistWrap_v1.0 Final – Published on 21 June 2021

CEWrapValn_v1.3 Final – Published on 21 June 2021

ProvideTxnHist_v1.0 Final – Published on 21 June 2021