The Equity Release Quotes and KFI OpenAPI and JSON Standards v1.0 Final have been published.

We have collaborated with the industry over the last year or so and have published API and JSON Standards at v1.0 Final for the digital integration of quotes and KFI processes between providers and advisers. We worked with key process stakeholders to develop designs originally created by Iress, to support a wider range of medical and lifestyle quotes and KFI scenarios.

The resulting Equity Release Quotes and KFI OpenAPI and JSON Standards, which are available free of charge, make it easier than ever for providers and advisers to realise the benefits of digitally integrating these critical high-volume processes. Industry adoption is under way, and we will continue to work with industry stakeholders to evolve and refine these design Standards over the coming months and years, so that APIs keep pace with consumer needs and industry innovation.

We welcome organisations to join us to form an Equity Release Standards Implementation Group.

For more information on how to get involved, please contact us at [email protected]