The Equity Release Apply OpenAPI (JSON) Standards at Draft A has been published and the Equity Release Governance Group is reviewing.

This Standard details the messaging flows and structure for the Equity Release Apply data exchanged between trading partners (e.g. from a portal’s Equity Release Apply service to the product providers that have linked into that service), and builds on the existing Equity Release Quotes and KFI Standard, which was first published in 2021. 

It includes information on technical connectivity, the message flows, and the constructs of both request and response messages sent to and received from product providers.

The Standard is written for use by development teams building systems, which will interface with a product provider’s Equity Release Apply service as well as those product providers who allow integration with their Equity Release Apply services.

The exchange of these request and response messages are defined within an OpenAPI definition, which also forms part of this Standard.

If you have any questions about this Standard, please contact [email protected].