What are Criterion Standards?

Criterion’s Standards are used by leading providers, platforms, advisers, promoting efficiency throughout the industry.

They provide the backbone for the exchange and movement of data for a large range of processes, helping organisations to significantly cut the costs of linking between systems.

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How are Standards managed?

Criterion Standards are managed by working groups. Our working groups bring together expertise from providers, platforms, advisers, software companies and government and industry bodies. A key objective is to collaborate and identify ways to make processes more efficient and to cut costs for users.

19 February 2024

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13 February 2024

PSG Update - January 2024


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01 February 2024

Publication of Equity Release Quotes and KFI v1.1 Final

NewsStandardsEquity Release

The Equity Release Quotes and KFI v1.1 Final Standard is now available in the Standards Library...