Alistair Johnston

Alistair Johnston

Lead Business Architect

Alistair has been researching Blockchain / Distributed Ledger technologies since October 2017.

Though they are known for Cryptocurrencies, they are also a new way to deliver Solutions that allow every transaction to be verified and recorded on a database that each participant holds their own version of.

Opinion still varies between the evangelists who believe it can have a similar impact on the world to that of the internet; to the naysayers who believe it’s just a fad that will disappear as quickly as it arrived. 

There is a real sense of excitement at the moment as new and diverse use cases continue to appear, (from Identity Data to managing the provenance of anything from diamonds to pigs), as we wait to see which ones will stick and will have widespread take up in the future.

Whilst our Industry is still more observing rather than participating, waiting for an investable use case, it’s important that Criterion ensure that if/when that position changes we will be in the best position to help support the industry.