Criterion has been collaborating with the industry and has now progressed to publishing v1.0 Draft A of the Model Portfolio Services (MPS) Standards. A comprehensive range of MPS data, process and technical Standards across MI reporting and edit model and rebalance are now available.

MI Reporting Standard:

  • Data Standards for a number of core business reports used by DFMs to manage their models on multiple platforms.
  • Available as CSV templates and as OpenAPI/JSON message standards.

Edit Model and Rebalance Standard:

  • Data Standards for pre and post model rebalance (OpenAPI/JSON message standards).
  • Data and technical Standards for edit model and for model rebalance (OpenAPI/JSON message standards).

These Standards have been designed to provide robust support to DFM and platform organisations, to effectively de-risk key actions, to facilitate the expansion of operational processes, and streamline essential tasks through automation. 

Billy Burnside, Criterion:

We are excited about the benefits the launch of the new MPS Standards should bring to the industry. The new MPS Standards have the potential to redefine how DFMs and platforms operate, specifically around MI reporting and model rebalancing. Our Standards will support all industry players to reach new heights of efficiency and performance. Ultimately, both sides should benefit from reduced operational risk as standardised data, and rebalance processes, enable a more scalable, reliable, and extensible operating model across all trading partners. We have benefited from extensive support from both platforms and DFMs, who have worked with us to define these new Standards, and we hope that more organisations see the benefit of what has been delivered by adopting them to help truly transform this important area of the industry.

To access the MPS Standards you need to be registered on our website and agree to Criterion’s Standards Licencing Terms. To find out more, please visit our MPS Standards section or email [email protected].