The LoA DC Pensions Fulfilment JSON and OpenAPI Standards are available via the following links:

1] LoA DC Pensions Fulfilment Standards v1.0 Draft B

2] Provide Contributions Made Standards v1.0 Draft B

3] Provide Fund Unit Holdings Standards v1.0 Draft B

Included in this publication are JSON Schemas and OpenAPI Definitions for all of the above Standards.

Please note that

  • Standard 1] has been published at v1.0 Draft B to allow feedback on the JSON/Open API deliverables only
  • Standards 2] and 3] have been published at v1.0 Draft B as they may need to accommodate requirements being documented as part of the development of LoA support for investment products

The contents of these various Standards’ deliverables are described in the published ‘readme’ document, available in each of the Standards listed above.

This ‘readme’ document also refers to the existing Retrieve Documentation Standard ( ) which supports the exchange of documents between Trading Partners.