We are pleased to inform you that the full suite of v1.0 Draft A LoA Investment Fulfilment, XML, CSV and JSON and OpenAPI Standards have been published to the Criterion website and the Standards are available via the links below:


  1. (https://www.criterion.org.uk/receiveloafulfilmentinvestments) Receive LoA Fulfilment Investments – v1.0 Draft A
  2. (https://www.criterion.org.uk/receiveloafulfilmentwraps) Receive LoA Fulfilment Wraps – v1.0 Draft A


  1. (https://www.criterion.org.uk/provideadvicecharges) Provide Advice Charges – v1.0 Draft A
  2. (https://www.criterion.org.uk/provideassetholdings) Provide Asset Holdings – v1.0 Draft A (updated)
  3. (https://www.criterion.org.uk/providefundcharges) Provide Fund Charges – v1.0 Draft A
  4. (https://www.criterion.org.uk/providemoneyin) Provide Money In – v1.0 Draft A (updated)
  5. (https://www.criterion.org.uk/providemoneyout) Provide Money Out – v1.0 Draft A
  6. (https://www.criterion.org.uk/provideproductcharges) Provide Product Charges – v1.0 Draft A

The contents of these LoA Investment Fulfilment Standards’ deliverables (some 160 files) are described in the published ‘readme’ document, available in each of the Standards listed above. It is highly recommended that you refer to the  ‘Readme’ document.  The ‘Readme’ document also refers to the existing Retrieve Documentation XML Standard (https://www.criterion.org.uk/retrievedocumentation) which supports the exchange of documents between Trading Partners (e.g. it can be used in conjunction with LoA Standards to transfer associated documents relating to the message exchange).

Criterion uses SwaggerHub to design, develop and host OpenAPI definitions (as well as publishing them as .json files with the Standards deliverables on our website).  SwaggerHub provides an easy to read view of API definitions. If you would like to view the APIs this way, please let us know and we will send an invite to register on our SwaggerHub platform.

Please note that the Provide Asset Holdings and Provide Money In Microservices Standards previously published as part of LoA DC Pensions Fulfilment have just had the Samples updated relating to Investments – no other changes have been made to these.