Process and Standards Group (PSG)

Providing detailed Governance of the evolution of Criterion Standards.

The Objectives of PSG are to:

  • Undertake research to investigate particular business problems and to research feasible solutions to these business problems.
  • Manage the Programme Plan Workstreams and prioritise the work within these Workstreams.
  • Make recommendations for approval by the SaGE on:
    • development of new Standards for new business areas;
    • development of new major versions of Standards;
    • new Business Developments;
    • implementation of Standards and new Business Developments;
  • Manage the development of new minor versions of Standards.
  • Manage the Change Request Process.
  • Maintain and review the operations of PSG and Business Project Working Groups.
  • Provide direction to Project Working Groups in resolving scope, working with PA and FBS and conflict resolution.
  • Promote the benefits and use of the PA and FBS.
  • Act as a conduit for networking and discussions relating to Industry business problems and Industry initiatives.
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Process and Standards Group - Focus and Plenary Session

8 May 2024
Central London - exact venue to be confirmed
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Process and Standards Group - Plenary meeting

7 February 2024



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