Standards and Governance Executive (SaGE)

SaGE is the governance body that advises on the Programme that delivers Criterion’s Business Plan. Shareholders provide input to the life cycle of Criterion’s portfolio of projects:  strategy; feasibility; business case; priorities; conflict resolution; and risk assessment. SaGE is the escalation point for Services’ User Groups.

Criterion is uniquely placed to leverage the close working relationships with Shareholders to identify where trading relationships are being re-aligned, where barriers to efficient trading exist, what requirements need to be met and determine how to address them. Criterion works closely with SaGE to identify and address non-competitive issues.

SaGE plays a key role in providing Shareholder input at ‘programme’ level:

  • Providing necessary inputs to the determination of collective, industry level strategy.
  • Operating a Forum from where cross-industry change can be driven.
  • Providing inputs to Criterion in the determination of priorities.
  • Shaping, considering and approving business cases for submission to the Board.
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Standards and Governance Executive Meeting

4 June 2024
9-10 St. Andrew Square , Edinburgh , EH2 2AF
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Standards and Governance Executive Meeting

29 February 2024


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