Criterion's board and leadership delivers broad industry representation and expertise, to drive through the collaborative work necessary to meet the needs of a rapidly evolving industry.


Nick Green

A depth of experience in the power of standards.

Nick Green
Solutions Director

Nick has worked in and around standards in the Financial Services industry for more than 15 years.

Over that time, he has delivered standards that continue to have a powerful, transformative effect on the industry. As a result, it is easier than ever for customers to stay in touch with their financial plans, and quicker than ever for them to transfer their pension savings.

Now Nick leads Criterion's team of dedicated professionals that deliver its mission: to create and govern standards that enable new services, reduce transactional friction, and deliver better outcomes for the consumer.


Industry collaboration to achieve common goals.

Quillan Mackay
Head of Delivery

Quillan works collaboratively with members of financial services companies to deliver services that meet their goals and objectives.  This is one of Criterion’s core strengths: to successfully work with the industry to achieve common goals. 

The team at Criterion has significant experience in establishing and managing industry Working Groups and there is a great sense of satisfaction in being involved with these groups, to understand an issue in more detail and then design, build, deliver and support a solution.  All this to help the end customer and reduce cost across the industry.

We work closely with the industry to deliver services that add value and increase operating efficiencies.  On behalf of the financial services industry Criterion establishes industry groups, ranging from strategic discussions to detailed technical approaches and solutions.

Quillan is sure this collaborative approach will continue, extending into new markets, and looks forward to being a part of that growth.


Devising and executing effective strategies.

Matthew Dransfield
Commercial and Marketing Director

Matt is a highly experienced commercial, marketing and communications professional, who has operated at a senior level at some of the UK’s most trusted, revered and respected brands.


He started his career in retail before moving into financial services and has worked across a range of heavily regulated sectors, during periods of accelerated change. Matt has successfully devised and executed effective strategies for a number of businesses including FTSE listed, working directly with Chairs, CEOs and executive teams. He is passionate about leadership, growing businesses, building brands, driving change, increasing engagement, enhancing reputation and delivering for customers.




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